“While I hope (for now) we won’t be needing your services for another inspection, having purchased [and] following your advice, we will be referring you to anyone else that needs a pre-purchase house inspection because we have found such a range of services (most poor) offered by house inspectors. ”

Guy R, Palmerston North

“Many thanks for the comprehensive report - exactly what we wanted. And thanks to Steve for phoning me back to discuss my queries about some of the issues.”

Zoe A, Palmerston North

“Thanks Professional House Inspections. Receiving your comprehensive inspection report meant we could go ahead and buy our house with peace of mind. We felt fully informed about what issues the house had, and knew we weren’t in for any unpleasant surprises.”

Jan P, Palmerston North

“Thank you very much. This report is very comprehensive and well worth the spend. I am going to make the sale conditional upon the issues highlighted in this report being fixed.”

Andrew, Palmerston North

“Steve carried out 5 house inspections for me over the past year, as I searched for the right house. Each time, the inspection report made the decision making process easy. The fifth house happened to be the right one, and I bought it and have since moved in. I’m grateful for Steve’s advice – he answered all my questions and made it clear whether each house we looked at was going to be the one I wanted. I know his advice steered me away from more than one disaster!”

Mary M, Palmerston North

“Thanks for the inspection report. It's very thorough and it really took a burden off me to have a professional look over the property. Obviously, there are some major issues that need to be addressed with the house. ”

Kelly B, Feilding

“Please, tell Steve that again, I liked very much how thorough he’s been in his report. I will recommend you guys to others.”

Natalia, Palmerston North

“To whom it may concern: We used the services of Professional House Inspections when purchasing our rental property. The service we received was excellent… we are more than happy with the knowledge that this property has been a good investment… We would not hesitate to recommend Steve to anyone who wants advice on a property.”

JM and PB, Palmerston North

“I recently came across a case where a client asked me to inspect a house she wanted to buy. After looking at it, I advised her that it had extensive rot throughout the structure of the house and that she would be in for a bill of tens of thousands of dollars to put it right. She wisely decided not to buy it. Several months later, I ended up doing a consultation for alteration work at that very house for the person who had subsequently bought it. Needless to say, the new owner had not had a house inspection completed and was unaware of the extent of the problems with their new house!”

Steve Brown, Professional House Inspections

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