Costs of repairs or alterations


As part of your pre-purchase property inspection, you can request an estimated costing of any repair work identified in the inspection report. This can help when negotiating the price with the vendor.


Many people also look at prospective houses with a plan in mind. For example, they like the house but if they bought it they would like to add on an extra bathroom, or to make the living/kitchen area open plan. Whether or not these items are in your budget may impact on your decision to purchase the house.

For an extra $50+gst, you can have the these costings listed in your inspection report, just ask when making your booking.

House maintenance

A house is not something you purchase and then ignore. Just like your car benefits from regular servicing, a house requires regular maintenance to ensure it stays in good condition for a long time, with minimal repair bills. If you want to maintain the condition of your house, give us a call and let us draw up a list of maintenance tasks that would benefit your house.

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