Roof Leak Trauma

If you are getting a pre-purchase house inspection, don't just ask any builder to do it for you and don't choose the cheapest quote. The inspector's experience and expertise is far more important than price. The cost of getting it wrong outweighs any cost saving you may make on the price of the inspection itself.

Steve Brown of Professional House Inspections has heard many horror stories about cheap inspections. He was recently asked for advice about a house inspection that went incredibly wrong. In this case, the purchaser had finance for 95% of the value of the house and his lender had requested a house inspection was carried out. To save money, the purchaser asked a local builder to do the inspection who charged only $150. The builder said the house was fine, the lender approved the money and the purchaser became a proud homeowner for the first time.

However, it quickly became apparent that the house was not fine because when it rained the new owner noticed leaks. Steve checked out the roof and was shocked by what he saw.

"It was evident within seconds of viewing the roof that there were serious issues and that the entire roof needed replacing. I can't understand how the previous inspector missed this!" said Steve.

So this leaves the poor owner with a repair bill of $8000, which they can't afford nor can they secure finance to fund the repairs. By choosing the cheapest inspection, the owner exchanged a few hundred dollars on the inspection for many thousands of dollars worth of repairs – which would you choose?

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